Unique Interior Decorating Ideas

Time to ditch the age-old tricks of interior decorating and try something new. If you want to give your home a fun and new twist, try one of the following unique interior decorating ideas. They range from simple ideas that you can do yourself to more complex ones that need a professional contractor.

1. Wall art

Give your living room or bedroom a fresh look by filling up one entire wall with art. You can either have the art drawn by an artist directly on the wall or use an artsy wallpaper. The art can be anything you love such as a forest, rolling hills, a mountain lion or a mythical angel.

Filling up an entire wall with art tends to create a nice focal point for the room, helping to balance out the other bare (or almost bare) walls. Make sure the colour and type of art blends in with the room’s overall decor.

2. Raised bed

This one has both aesthetic and practical purposes. If a room needs to be put to multiple use – such as a bedroom and living space – a hanging bed can come in handy. The bed can be recessed into the wall or hang from the ceiling with stairs or a ladder leading upwards. This idea is also useful where a small bedroom needs to be shared by two or more kids.

3. A grass/moss carpet in your bathroom

Ditch your usual bathroom carpet and get a moss/grass one. This requires a slightly raised platform, ideally made from porous stone. Not only will it make your bathroom look better, you can actually use it to get the moisture off your feet after you step off the tub. There are plenty of online guides to help you grow a grass or moss carpet for your bathroom.

4. A rope railing

Give your stairs a sailor feel and look by opting for heavy rope as rail instead of wood or metal. Properly installed, the thick rope should function as well as a railing while giving your home a rustic seaworthy vibe.

5. Floor art

This is a version of the wall art idea. Turn your floor into a canvas and let your imagination run wild. The easiest way to do this is by using a unique carpet design. Alternatively, just get a paintbrush and paint the art yourself. For wood flooring, you need to remove the protective finish on the wood before painting with an oil based paint.

You can also choose coloured flooring materials such as brick or natural stone to create a unique look. Floor art works especially well in entry areas where it is the first thing a person notices when coming in. You can also use it around the fireplace, home office or bathroom


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