Wasteful Society – 5 Ways You Can Make A Difference In Your Home

The idea of living a zero-waste lifestyle may seem like an overwhelming and almost impossible task to accomplish. But, it doesn’t have to be, especially if you start within the comfort of your home.  There are a countless number of ways you can you can reduce waste and make a difference in society. Little changes such as making a concerted effort to fix broken items, to replace plastic bags with cloth ones or recycle cans and bottles can make a huge difference in your waste output.  What’s more, making positive changes to your waste output has great social benefits, helps improve the environment and prevents valuable land from being converted into landfill. There’s always room for improvement, a great way to start is through what comes easiest to you and by pressing on through the five tips below.


As you shop for food items, take it to the next level by ensuring they are stored properly and in a way that will preserve its freshness and life for as long as possible. You can do this by investing in quality reusable glass containers for items like cereals, cooking ingredients and other food items that can stale quickly. Also ensure they are quality airtight containers. These simple acts will make a great impact on your waste output.


You don’t always have to buy a new item whenever an old one gets broken. Learn to repair broken items either by bringing in some DIY insights or hiring a skilled craftsman. You should get in the habit of choosing either or both options. Most of the time, these items are slightly damaged and are very easy to repair with just a few tweaks. Jewelry, shoes and furniture are items that you can likely repair yourself with random materials that are easily found in the home. You can leave the repair for larger and more complex broken items for the professionals. 

Fix broken clothes dryer, lawn equipment, and other appliances that break on a not-so-regular basis. It’s a wise investment considering that it costs less money to repair than buying a new item. Even your clothes are no exceptions, you don’t have to be professional tailor to fix torn clothing. You can use some home fabrics to get creative and repair any of your clothing that needs an upgrade from a rip.


Composting is a great way to cut down on food waste. If you are not composting, then it could be that your trash bin is mostly occupied by food scraps. When food wastes are taken to landfill, they decay very slowly and in the process produce methane, a greenhouse gas.  Composting is a way to reduce these emissions that are accumulating in the environment. If you have a garden, start to compost, it can provide many benefits such as better soil and healthier plants to your garden. if you don’t have one, find out other options that may be available for you. 

The easiest way you can start is to get a compost bin, you can either make one out of old pallets or purchase a ready made one. If you decide to purchase one, check for available offers in your area. Your compost bin should consist of an open base, a lid to trap the heat and an opening at the base for extracting the compost. Remember to place it on free-draining soil to enable worms and micro organisms dig their way in. as soon as you’ve set it up, you can empty leftover food, papers and a bit of garden trimmings into the compost bin. Turn with a fork once in a while and within a few months you will have a source of free compost. 

If your garden waste is a bit more bulky, you can take them to any nearby council composting facility.  If you don’t have an outside space available for a compost bin, another method you can try is wormery. In this case, you tip tiger worms into an enclosed bin containing organic waste. The worms eat their way through your food waste and produce compost.


It can be hard to find people who can afford to buy a brand new, high quality products regularly. It can be pretty wasteful because most of the time, people purchase items they don’t really need. In the long run, these items end up in the trash or even get damaged. On the other hand, buying second hand items from consignment stores is a great way to reduce waste in the society. In this case, you get to save some cash and get high quality goods that might have otherwise been too expensive to afford. It will be a wiser move to buy big-ticket items as secondhand items. 

Most cameras and musical instrument can be gotten way cheaper when bought as secondhand. There are a lot of options out there that you can easily find the one that will suit you best. Even a tumble dryer, you can get a tumble dryer hire service if you’re looking to rent rather than buying. Houses are another big-ticket item that you can purchase on a huge discount if they are pre-owned. The same thing applies to cars. Buying second hand items helps to avoid partaking in the creation of more waste. And it prevents people’s properties from reaching the landfill.


Preparing a meal plan can make a huge difference when it comes to reducing food waste. When you take out time to plan and organise what you’re going to eat during the week, you will be able to keep track of your food expenses and make sure you’re not over spending on foods you won’t eat, or will go bad easily and end up in the waste bin. Make it part of your lifestyle by spending 10-15 minutes each week to plan your meals for the week and make a shopping list. You can also meal prep your foods to make sure you don’t purchase plastic-packaged foods when you’re on the move.

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