Why Summer Is The Best Time To Sell Your Property

If you’re thinking about selling your home then just about every knows the best season to sell is in the summer. Let’s go through some of the main reasons why summer is the hottest selling season. 

  • More people are visible

In the summer months, as the evenings are lighter for longer, more people will be out and about as they may be off work and because children are on holiday from school. As more people are out and about, it’s more likely that people will see your property is up for sale. This could be simply when they are walking past or driving by your home. Simple as that! 

  • Families

Many families find it easier to move during the summertime as the children are on holiday from school. Additionally, the summer allows children the chance to get used to their new home before the autumn sets in. Another factor is also that in the summer, it’s easier to move house as the weather is not against you. You can avoid frost, snow and unsettled weather. 

  • Curb appeal is high 

A very easy way to increase the value of your home is to boost its curb appeal. This can happen easily in the summer. It’s clear to see that in the summer our, homes are blooming with flowers, trees and green lawns and therefore look more attractive. To add extra curb appeal, make sure that your front garden has been mowed, all trees and shrubs are trimmed and flower beds are well-positioned. 

  • Less competition

In most countries, there are not enough homes on sale to cover the number of buyers. In the past, homeowners tended to stay in a property for around six years. But since 2010,  that number has altered to around 9 and 10 years. Homeowners have wanted to move but have been unable to do so down to negative equity issues. Previously, homeowners have been reluctant to advertise their properties and put them on the market as they felt that there may not be a home for them to move to. This, however, has slowly begun to change. 

  • Renovation time

The longer days also mean that you have extra light and time to do any repairs or renovations that your home requires. For instance, does your property need a fresh lick of paint? does your bathroom need a facelift? Do you have roof repairs that you have put off in the colder months?  Although you may not be excited about giving up your evening’s and summer weekends, all of these small renovations can really help when it comes to selling your property.

  • Quicker process 

The competitive market today has meant that buyers have been forced to do everything that they can so that their property stands out. This may mean getting a pre-approved mortgage.  These days, most people know exactly what they are able to afford before they begin searching for a property. All of this makes it much quicker and easier when it comes to selling a home. 

  • Longer days

The summer months are very popular for holidays. Even if you want to jet off somewhere or take time off work, the longer days mean the evenings are lighter like we’ve said, and this often means higher productivity!  This means you have more time to advertise your home, talk to any potential buyers and look at selling your home.  

  • Seller’s market

Summer is a seller’s market and approximately 30 to 40% of properties are sold during the summer. This is simply down to the fact that people have more time off as children are off school.

Tips for selling your home this summer

To maximise the sale of your property, consider the following tips:

  •  Decluttering

Anyone who comes to view your property needs to imagine themselves living there. Therefore, make sure your home is decluttered and tidy. If you can reduce furniture then do this as this creates a feeling of space. Remember to pay extra attention to your bathrooms and kitchen.  

Also, if you have any rooms in your home that have been wallpapered or painted in a strong colour, change these so that they are more neutral in colour. If your bathroom is looking tired then once again consider painting it and re-tiling if necessary. 

When it comes to the outside of your property contact a clearing land company to make sure your garden is looking tidy. Also, contact some tree experts if you feel that you need some extra help with overgrown trees on your property. You could also consider using landscaping services and purchase some turf and landscaping bark or garden mulch to polish off your garden. 

  • Cleaning

Your home also needs to look spotless and smell nice. If your home looks grubby and it will put potential buyers off and may even reduce your selling price. It is worth washing your curtains and also cleaning your carpets. 

  •  Valuations

When it comes to valuations, you ought to get a few valuations done, if possible, and also take a look at other properties in your area to see what they have recently sold for. If you value your property too high, you may not get many viewings. Therefore, it’s important to price your property well and avoid being greedy, as this will just waste your time. 

We’ve highlighted the reasons why the summer is the best time to sell your property and also provided you with some simple tips that you need to consider to ensure that your property is looking its best. This will help to get your property sold quickly and efficiently so that you can move on to your new home. It should now be clear as to why summer is the best time to sell your property. 

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