Why Your Office Space Design Is So Important For Productivity

Office space design is an often overlooked process in business as many do not see the correlation between office space design and productivity. But, setting up your commercial office fit out in the right way can have a significant impact on the way your employees work and results of the work. It goes beyond a fresh coat of paint, fancy wallpapers and wide storage space. 

A bright, healthy and lively environment is required in order for you to increase your productivity levels. If you notice a drop in your productivity level or a disorder between your office space design and company affairs, then your office space might be in need of a design upgrade. Key design pointers like room temperature, lighting, insulation and clutter are helpful to increase productivity at your office space because they all contribute to creating a suitable working environment for workers. Read on to know how they can be applied.


Office design and organisation have an effect on your employees’ state of well-being. A poorly lit and static office leads to stress among employees and negatively ties down morale and productivity. Having a range of design options introduced can help prevent employees from getting bored and tired of their work environment. Try to create spaces that facilitate movement like walking stations which will help put your workers in a relaxed mood. Also, create room for interaction among employees for collaboration and team building. Doing this right, your employees will be in the right frame of mind to be more productive at work and they will be glad to see how well an ideal office space design can influence their work while having an option to take a break when stressed out.


Our ability to think and focus can be greatly influenced by the quality of air around us, and that includes our work space. Bad air quality has been associated with a decrease in employees’ efficiency and productivity levels owing to the fact that working in an office with unfavourable breathing space poses you to be at the risk of respiratory infections and poor state of health. It is commonly as a result of bad ventilation and air filtering systems. Having good quality air can make great improvement in not only your employees’ health but also helps in improving their thinking and productivity. Ensure there’s good quality air circulating the office by installing air filters and air purifiers. Plants are also additional items you can use in your office space as they are known to not only beautify but also filter the air.


Another aspect that has been linked to decrease in productivity levels is poor temperature which is as a result of unstable climate and improper measures taken to regulate it. Most people tend to set the temperature at 65-68 Fahrenheit, and this might not be helpful. Warmer rooms have been linked to making female workers more productive. When the climate is too hot or cold, install insulators for regulating the temperature at your office space. There are various commercial insulation companies that can help provide the best insulation options for your office space. Bunnings ceiling batts are designed to acoustically and thermally insulate ceilings. Your office space should not leave your employees feeling irritated or overwhelmed, especially when it’s crowded. 


Quality furniture covers an important aspect of designing a productive office space and it’s mostly overlooked. Many do not know the importance of having good table and chairs at the office. Many employees usually end up adjusting, stretching or fidgeting about to actually remain focussed while working. The use of highly suitable table and chair sets your body in the right posture and increases your performance and productivity levels. To work in the most comfortable position, select effective ergonomic chairs for your office space design. Or if you work from a home office, use a decent chair. If you have a high table, add pillows to your chair or use an adjustable table and chair that fits your preference. A slightly reclined chair posture is best to reduce pressure on your spine and minimise lower back pain.


Choosing the right commercial flooring for your office space can greatly improve business performance. Employees health, focus, and comfort are also improved which leads to increases in their productivity level. One of the ways you can set the right working environment is to provide it with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. It can have an effective push on employee morale. For instance, choosing commercial carpet squares with blue colour has been linked to an increase in productivity by radiating a calming feeling, while green has been linked to thinking, creativity and balance. 

Commercial flooring also plays a huge part in regulating temperature in the work space. Commercial carpet tiles are known to be effective insulators capable of leaving the office in a comfortable temperature thus keeping productivity at high levels. Flooring specialists can provide the best flooring options for you based on your requirements and preferences. 


Lighting helps boost employee engagement and performance, but there are also cases where it can produce negative effects. Eye strain, headache, and fatigue can be caused by inadequate light and often contribute to decrease in creativity, general malaise and lower productivity in employees. On this note, it is imperative to introduce effective lighting options into your office space design. Natural light is the best so far, as it puts your employees in a state of flow and awareness, which leads to increase in productivity. Situate all workstations as close as possible to the windows to get optimal use of it. Or if your office doesn’t have enough access to natural light, invest in artificial lights. You can use good quality led lights that are warm and soft to the eyes.


Your office is where you spend most of the day, so design it in a way that enhances your performance at work and overall productivity. Choosing the right office design layout sets you on the right path to business growth.

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